Keira Knightley expected to be a man when she grew up

Keira Knightley thought women grew into males when she was youthful.

In addition to aspiring to be an actor, younger Keira was satisfied that as an grownup she would develop into a man, as a result of they had been those who “were in charge”.

“I remember everything about that feeling. That girls grew into men, and that’s what I was going to be,” the 33-year-old instructed The Guardian. “Maybe it was that the girls were the most powerful in the playground. They were in charge and, obviously, the men were in charge outside.”

Years earlier than her starring function in film Bend It Like Beckham, the dedicated tomboy led a protest in school till women had been allowed to play soccer.

And at simply 11 years outdated, she was “obsessed by The Godfather” film.

“I wanted to be Al Pacino and that’s where I was heading,” she smiled. “The good components are the fellows’ components.

“You don’t want to be the pretty girl in the corner or the mum being lovable and supportive. Of course, when you grow up you are, but you still want to have the adventures.”

Keira went on to describe her film profession as her try to have the adventures her youthful self desired, and, her many interval films, as an exploration of the masculine facet of the feminine, “stuck in the dresses and make-up”.

“Almost every character I’ve played has tried to break out of that image of femininity,” she defined. “That’s why I like period films, because it’s such an overt cage you put the woman in. That’s always something I’ve really identified with. I feel like I sit somewhere else.”

Nonetheless, the mom of 1 stopped wanting wanting to full a full masculine transformation.

“I’ve never wanted a penis,” she confirmed. “Apart from to p**s up a tree… You can just whip it out and whatever. But the idea of something so vulnerable swinging between my legs, I think I’m all right without.”

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