Emily Blunt worries her kids will be bullied like her

Emily Blunt fears her kids will be teased in school as she was mocked by classmates for her debilitating stutter.

The Mary Poppins Returns star was mocked for her speech obstacle in school in England, an issue she nonetheless suffers with sometimes at this time.

Now that she’s a mum to 2 younger daughters with U.S. actor John Krasinski, 39, Hazel, 4, and Violet, two, she says she worries they will face destructive feedback like she did.

“Like every mother, I worry irrationally about my kids and want to make sure they are safe and taken care of and not teased,” the 35-year-old tells Britain’s Day by day Mirror newspaper.

Nevertheless, she feels her personal expertise with a stutter and as somebody who has helped kids affected by the identical subject, will assist her coach her personal kids via any childhood setbacks.

“I just say, ‘Look, everyone has got something and this is just your thing’ to these kids who have severe stutters and come and talk to me,” the British actress explains. “And it’s good to have a setback, because you have to overcome something and you learn a lot about yourself by overcoming something.”

On her personal experiences in school she reveals that her instructor as soon as joined in, saying: “I think I looked funny and sounded funny and kids were like, ‘Why can’t you say it? Just say it!’ And even a teacher of mine was like, ‘Spit it out!”

Though she’s now a Hollywood celebrity, Emily nonetheless struggles with her speech in sure conditions.

“I still stutter and I will always be a stutterer,” she explains. “I still stutter if I am really tired or on the phone. I am really bad on the phone still.”

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